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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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Name of the tool: SMARTDRAW

URL: This Software can be downloaded from: This is a paid software, but a 30-day free trial for learning can be downloaded. Requirements to use the tool: PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT. The latest versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, and about 20MB of free space. What the tool does: Smartdraw is a perfect suite for drawing all kinds of diagrams and charts: Flowcharts, Organizational charts, Gantt charts, Network diagrams, ER-diagrams etc. The drag and drop readymade graphics of thousands of templates from built-in libraries makes drawing easier. It has a large drawing area and drawings from this tool can be embedded into Word, Excel and PowerPoint by simply copy-pasting. It has an extensive collection of symbols for all kinds of drawings. How to use: The built-in tips guides as the drawing is being created. Tool tips automatically label buttons on the tool bar. There is online tutorial provided in:

Name of the tool: IBMS/DFD

URL: This a free software that can be downloaded from:

Requirements to use the tool: The following installation instructions assume that the user uses a PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT. Additionally, the instructions assume the use of the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. To download the zip files & extract them you will need WinZip or similar software. If needed download at

What the tool does: The tool helps the users draw a standard data flow diagram (a process-oriented model of information systems) for systems analysis.

How to use: Double click on the IBMS icon to see the welcome screen. Click anywhere inside the welcome screen to bring up the first screen. Under "Tools" menu, select DFD...
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