Case Study Week 4

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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1001EHR Tutorial Exercise
Week 5, Tutorial 5

|Name: Megan Allwood |Student No: 2759553 | |Tutor Name: Catherine Longworth |Week No & Date: Week 5; 20/08/12 | |Tutorial Time: 9:00am – 9:50am |Venue: Clinical 2 G16_1.16 |

|Case Name or Exercise Name: Unions fear Qantas won’t negotiate, but will ‘stonewall’ until there is compulsory arbitration. | |Answer |Corrections/refinement during tutorial discussion | |Q1. What are the Unions in this case trying to achieve? | | |Firstly a trade union is described as “a continuous association of wage earners for| | |the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their working lives” | | |(Loudoun et al, p. 290) | | |In this case, the Unions are stepping in to attend to their main promise to | | |employees and that being protecting the interests of employees and representation | | |of interests of members when necessary. | | |In this case, Unions are attempting to protect the interests of their members | | |through negotiations with management over employee’s pay and conditions and job | | |security. | | |There are numerous functions of Trade Unions and in this case all main functions | | |are being performed by the various Unions. Firstly, the Unions involved in this | | |case are attempting to achieve their economic function which ensures that the wages| | |and conditions of employees are fair, efficient and upheld. Secondly, the Unions | | |are performing their democratic function in that they are taking into consideration| | |the voice of members and negotiating to improve the security of jobs for their | | |members. Also the Unions are performing their integrative function in that they | | |are mediating the relationship between management at QANTAS and employees. Lastly,| | |the various Unions in this case are executing the social democratic function in | | |that they have involved the parliament in the negotiations to protect and defend | | |Australian Jobs. | | |Once again, the main focus of Unions in this case is to negotiate with QANTAS | | |management of the employees pay and conditions. Also, Unions are negotiating about|...
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