Case Study: Impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to Non-Readers

Topics: Reading, Education, Teacher Pages: 13 (3969 words) Published: January 29, 2013

A Research Paper submitted to the
College of Education, De La Salle University
Dasmarinas, Cavite

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in
Issues and Trends in Education
To Dr. Ayuk A. Ayuk


December 2012
Background of the Study
"Any kind of education is a matter of training the brain. When poor readers are learning to read, remedial instruction helps to shape that area up." Heineman (2009) stated that it’s not enough to say, “These kids can’t read.” Not being able to read can mean a variety of things and we need to be more specific in order to help each student. Remedial instruction is designed to help students who fall behind academically to catch up to a desired level. It has become “an indispensable component of higher education” in countries such as the United States, Canada, or Japan (Zhang, Shou, & Ishino, 2008, p.331). Basically, remedial instruction is a type of clinical teaching. It is a “spiral process of assessment—instruction—re-assessment” (Tseng, 2008, p.9). The subjects are targeted at low achievement learners, or under-prepared students. After the teacher diagnoses students’ learning difficulties, a remedial course will be designed in accordance with students’ needs. And then the teacher takes initiative in offering the instruction, and an evaluation will be conducted during and after the implementation of the remedial instruction to examine the actual effectiveness of the course. Minor adjustments would be made based on the results of the evaluation to ensure that students are able to catch up in regular classes. (Huang, 2009)

Through the result of Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (PHIL-IRI), it showed that Sun Valley Elementary School has a large number of non-reader pupils and there is an has an existing 77% frustrating result in terms of pupils’ reading level, comprehension and speed. Intervention must really be done to save two hundred six lives who can’t read and assist those pupils leading to such extent if not properly guided. Department of Education has done their part in promoting reading and literacy among the pupils and students. Based on Memorandum No. 244, s. 2011, it was stated there that must be a Pull-Out Remedial Class / Reading Assistance Program/ Remediation Classes / Intensified Remedial Reading to children in the frustration reading level by teachers or class advisers. There is a need to conduct this study to assess the reading abilities of the pupils in SVES, to identify the reasons why they were left behind and determine the impact of Reading Remediation Instruction/ Program to their lives. Statement of the Problem

This study was undertaken to determine the Impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to the Non-reader pupils of SVES (S. Y. 2012-2013).
Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following problems: 1. Why is there a need to conduct a Reading Remediation Instruction to the pupils of Sun Valley Elementary School? 2. What are the factors affecting them?

3. How can you assess the Reading Remediation Instruction of SVES? How was it done? 4. What is the impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to the Non-Reader pupils of Sun Valley Elementary School?

Scope and Limitations
The researcher concentrated on Impact of Reading Remediation Instruction to the Non-Reader pupils of Sun Valley Elementary School. This study was limited this School Year 2012-2013.
The respondents of this study include a total number of two thousand four hundred twenty four (2424) pupils; which concentrated on one thousand eight hundred seventy (1870) pupils in the frustration reading level and two hundred six (206) non-reader pupils (from Grades two to six).

Definition of Terms
The terms below were conceptually defined and explained to indicate how they were used in the...
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