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Topics: Retailing, Store manager, Product Pages: 14 (2729 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Retail Marketing and Distribution 311

[Semester Two, 2012]

Unit study package number:01866

Mode of study:Internal

Tuition pattern summary:3 Hours Weekly

Credit value:25

Pre-requisite units:Marketing 100

Co-requisite units:None

Anti-requisite units:None

Additional Requirements:None

Result type:Pass/Fail

Approved incidental fees:Information about approved incidental fees can be obtained from our website. Visit for details.

Unit Coordinator:Name: Dr Russel PJ Kingshott
Phone:+61 8 9266 7288
Consultation times:TBA

Teaching Staff:Name: Claire Loh

Name: Angie Silva

Name: Alisha Stein

Administrative contact:Name: Liz Martella
Phone:9266 1250
Building: 408, Room: 2014

Learning Management System: FLECS - Blackboard (


Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous Elders, custodians, their descendents and kin of this land past and present.


This unit provides a broad understanding of the planning and operation aspects of retail marketing and distribution businesses. Provides an overview of how retailing operations integrate into the distribution channel and wider value chain. Explores how retailers develop overall strategy and tactics in a constantly changing retailer landscape. Contextualises retailing in terms of global retailing; franchising; multi-channel retailing; and, web and technology based retailing threats, opportunities and challenges facing today’s firms.


Retail Marketing & Distribution will provide students with an overall understanding of the process of transfer of ownership or control of product and/or services as they pass from the point of manufacture, through intermediaries, and then to retailers for consumer purchase.

The course covers strategic and operational analysis of retailing, wholesaling and physical distribution. In view of the significant role of retailing in today’s business environment, the course covers in depth, key aspects of retail planning and management. Topics in retailing addressed in this course include identifying and understanding retail markets, choice and planning of retail products and services, retail store and site evaluation, retail positioning and customer communication, merchandise management, retail pricing, customer service, transportation and logistics; retail performance; HRM and staffing, and, trends in retailing.

The course also addresses how to plan, organise and control effectively the relationships among the many intermediaries involved in the process of making of product and services available for final industrial, commercial and/or end-customer consumption.

|Unit Learning Outcomes |Graduate Attributes | |On successful completion of this unit students can: |addressed: | |Outline the challenges and opportunities facing retailers. |[pic] | |Explain the retail basic principles required to develop and implement a retail plan. |[pic][pic] | |Demonstrate how retail theory relates to practical application. |[pic][pic] | |Develop retail marketing and distribution decision-making skills. |[pic]...
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