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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Sean O’Grady, a professional boxer, was managed by his father, Pat. Sean was a contender for the world featherweight title. Pat entered into a contract with Magna Verde Corporation, an LA based business, to co-promote a fight between Sean and the current world featherweight champion. The fight was scheduled to take place in Oklahoma City. To promote the fight, Pat set up a press conference. At the conference, Pat was involved in a confrontation with a sportswriter named Brooks. Issue

Pat allegedly struck Brooks in the face. Brooks brought up a suit against Pat O’Grady and Magna Verde Corporation in an Oklahoma state court. Court records showed that the only contract Magna Verde had with Oklahoma were that a few of its employees had taken several trips to Oklahoma to plan the title fight. The fight was never held. Oklahoma has a long-arm statute. Magna Verde was served by mail and made a special appearance in Oklahoma state court to argue that Oklahoma does not have personal jurisdiction over it. The main argument is that does Oklahoma have jurisdiction over Magna Verde Corporation?

A court is required to use long-arm jurisdiction over persons and businesses in another State when a civil wrong is committed within a State; when there is a contract in the State or a contract affects the State and when a business is transacted that allegedly cause injury to another person. “long arm jurisdiction is a statutory grant of jurisdiction to local courts over foreign ("foreign" meaning out-of-state) defendants. A state's ability to confer jurisdiction is limited by the Constitution. This jurisdiction permits a court to hear a case against a defendant and enter a binding judgment against a defendant residing outside the state's jurisdiction. That is, without a long arm statute, a state's court may not have personal jurisdiction over a particular defendant. Generally, the authority of a court to exercise long arm jurisdiction must be based upon some...
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