Case Study 8

Topics: Motivation, Event planning, Travel Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: February 5, 2013
1. What might be the primary and secondary motives for a jazz fan attending this event or a family attending one of the summer evening open-air concerts? * Primary motives of a jazz fan are about their love in music and the secondary is to have freedom and feel the fun in their personal interest. * Their motivations and purposes to attend are completely different. While the first group is mainly motivated by the performances themselves and they do travel from one city to another with the aim of attending the mentioned representations; the second group considers the performances as a secondary motivation to the trip, being the main reasons other activities, like for example business or visiting friends and relatives. While their stay in the host city or town, they do attend the performances although it is not their main purpose for travelling. 2. What are the marketing benefits to the main festival at the Ahoy of having three days of the evening open-air concerts in the city for the public? * It will give opportunity to the host communities by sharing their culture with the guests. * It markets and promotes a particular area to be known.

* Word-of-mouth
* They will have a position in the market. (Tourist destination) 3. Do these extra events help create demand for the main event? * Yes, because for the visitors/guests will experience the unusual and unique entertainment. It can be a reason for them to go back for more. 4. What kinds of businesses in and around Rotterdam benefit from the festival? * Besides the festival that was held there are businesses that are benefitted such as special deals at hotels and restaurants, great activities like outdoor trips, balloon flights, museum visits and much more. Reference:
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