Case Study 5.7

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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1. What were the most important factors contributing to MMCC’s success with its new, secure, self-managed network? Explain the reasons for your choices. The four factors contributing the MMCC’s success are goals, strategy, technology, and support. Their new system was able to provide them greater connectivity with higher reliability, security and scalability with a low costs resulting increased productivity and profitability of the business. They use advance technology for high availability and efficient network and security management, which can be operated easily. The use of virtual private network, VPN technologies to connect remote offices and users securely also is facilitating the company expansions. They created their support structure through management of support systems to help with technical support at any time. 2. What are some of the business benefits and challenges of self-managed and externally managed networks? Self-managed networks

Benefits include saving time and money, flexibility or scalability of the system, higher security measures, and reliability and responsibility. Some challenges are that small errors can create big problems, and there could be management and controlling issues. Externally-managed networks

Benefits include being able to assign responsibility, your network doesn’t get affected by organizational disputes, and problems get solved easily due to expert solutions. Challenges include Security concerns, cost issues, and flexibility of terms. 3. Which type of network management would you advise small-to-medium business firms to use? Explain the reasons for your recommendation. I think for small to medium business organizations I would use a self-managed network, because it helps to minimize thee cost with better reliability and accuracy of the system. As the business grows and may include multiple locations, I would go to an externally managed network for the above mentioned benefits.
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