Case Study 3

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November 28, 2012
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Case Study #3

Case 13-2: Scotch Whisky in China: A Taste of the Good Life
1. Why are Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and other marketers of global spirits brands localizing advertising campaigns in emerging markets?

Diageo, Ricard, and other marketers of global spirits brands are localizing their advertising campaigns in emerging markets because no two countries or their inhabitants are alike. Every country has a diverse set of consumers that have specific tastes and preferences based on geographical location, religion, age, religion, sex, education, and social and economic class as well as consumer perceptions which global brands, specifically global spirits brands, should pay close attention when choosing advertising campaigns to promote their product(s).

The advertising campaign each spirits brand uses in their host country is often misinterpreted in global markets and therefore must be localized to that specific market. Each brand must know and understand how their target audience will interpret the message their advertising campaign is sending, which is done by understanding culture. In the case of Scotch whisky, a drink widely associated with “aspirational goals such as success and achievement,” global spirits brands advertising in emerging markets, such as China or India, must understand “the things that constitute “achievement” vary from culture to culture” as BBH staffers for the Jonnie Walker brand does (Keegan & Green, 2011). Americans are known to constitute wealth with income and are more materialistic while other cultures “define success more in terms of whether their work supports their family life” (Segar, 2011). An example of cultural interpretation or “constitution” of wealth included in the case is that of China’s. In China “the self-satisfaction that goes along with achieving a goal may not be enough; acknowledgement by peers is also important” (Keegan & Green, 2011). Any global spirits brand seeking...
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