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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Activity/Case Study

1. Explain why your college or university is a system and a subsystem?


My college or university is a system because my university has a mission and vision to achieve their objective. Our college or university is a subsystem because our university is branch of main campus so like in the main campus we also implemented their mission and vision.

2. Observe activities in supermarket: Shoppers looking for aisles where they can find specific product; lines forming at the cash registers; workers sticking new prices to items on the shelves. Prepare a list of shopper’s and worker’s activities that could be carried out with less use human tire and more accuracy if they were aided by I.T. Explain how you would change those activities.


To reduce the lines forming at the cash registers the cashier need to use bar code scanner and to reduce the cashier employee because the work in the cash register is faster. Instead of manually sticking the new price to items they can actually use the price tag sticker gun. It is like a gun that contains the price of a product; use to label the product in a fastest way. The worker can easily finished they work and that’s their benefits when they used it. And the owner can also reduce the number of worker because of the help of technology in their system.

3. Log on to a commercial website that sells production such as compact disc. Record how many layers you had to go through to find a product to your taste. That is how many times did you have to click, marked text or icons? Prepare a short report on features you liked and did not like at the site. Your report should include evaluations of the time taken to navigate the size, how intuitive their icons are, and the site’s overall appearance.


I chose Vans Shoes - Official Site. I can say that the site was easy to understand because the homepage was clearly represented what category you want to see and there have already...
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