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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Question 1: Discuss how Intel changed ingredient-marketing history. What did it do so well in those initial marketing campaigns? (1) Intel launched the ‘’Intel inside’’ campaign to build brand awareness and it helped move the Intel brand outside the PC and into the minds of customers. (2) Build strategic alliance with stakeholders and give them rebates to support Intel’s marketing strategies. (3) Advertising their products by ‘’Bunny People’’ and ‘’Blue Man Group’’ in its commercials. (4) Develop new products for new target market and combine it to important issue. There is an example that Intel created the classmate PC for children in remote regions of the world. And it is called Intel Learning Series, intended to help expand education in technology throughout the world.

Question 2: Evaluate Intel’s more recent marketing efforts. Did they lose something by dropping the “Intel Inside” tagline or not? Our evaluated:
(1)They want to change their brand image and do innovation and difference strategy. (2)They change the slogan and the new one is more clear and outstanding. We think that they didn’t lose something by dropping the “Intel Inside.” There are some reasons: (1) Change the slogan can mean change the company strategy direction. And the one important point may want change some organization culture. When they change their slogan, they may lose some senior workers whom can’t identify with, but might be recruit the person who identify with. (2) The old slogan was deeply in customer's mind. No matter the slogan changed, people still like Intel and trust its quality. Its good image has been deeply rooted in people. (3) They grow and become popular because they do the public welfare hardly.
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