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Topics: Marketing, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: December 18, 2012
CASE STUDY 1: Mega Marketing Consultancy

Mega Marketing Consultancy is a 2 year old company and a family business. Mr. Peter Lorenzana is the father, Chairman of the Board who is 60 years old with a highschool background only. He will be retiring soon due to his health concerns. He has been an active consultant with other family businesses which are Psyrap Food, Inc. and Lorenzana Construction, Corporation. Mr. John Lorenzana is the 30 year old son and the General Manager who is an ex-seminarian and newly married with no business background. Ms. Leila Lorenzana-Garcia is the President, the 35 year old daughter with a MBA from Harvard University who has 3 kids but separated from the husband for one year due to pressure from the family business, and she has conflicts with the father and brother when it comes to business decisions. Bottomline, Mega Marketing Consultancy has a 50% labor turnover rate every month, break-even in terms of profit and loss, 50% miscommunication among employees, and conflicting leadership styles from lax to rigidity of Peter and John.

Leila will be meeting with an OD practitioner, Isabel Galino, through a referral from friends. Isabel has been an OD Practitioner for 2 years too but she has a very good track record of helping pioneering companies. When Isabel listened to the initial conversation through the phone, she saw the big picture of the concerns of Leila and one of them is that she can only afford a low budget for this OD intervention project. So, they will be setting up for a meeting the next day. Isabel did research on the nature of the business, and she did benchmarking with competitors. She came up with the project proposal and ready to present it to Leila.

1. What is your opinion about the entering and contracting activities? 2. If you were to do an initial scanning of Leila’s concern/s with the business, then what is/are the thing/s that you as an OD practitioner can speculate based on the facts given...
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