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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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1. What is Andy Wilson’s primary motivation?
As with most entrepreneurs, there is seemingly a variety of motivators, which primary can be debated. As a starter, note some that seem to exist: a. Wilson seemed to desire entrepreneurial independence and the greater freedom contrasted with prior employment. He was “no longer motivated by the suit-and-tie atmosphere of corporate America.” This dislike of a bureaucratic setting coupled with his own highly innovative exploits suggests such a motivation. b. While there is no evident obsession with making money, he clearly had some profit motivations. Investing $30,000 of his own funds must have carried such an expectation, and his later sale of the business gives us a hint of a desire to make money. c. Personal satisfaction and enjoyment were apparently experienced by Wilson. He seemed to have a flair for the theatrical. Designating the drivers as colorful figures and creating an accompanying drama allowed him to give his customers the “best show on wheels.” This sounds like a producer enjoying the great performance he has created. 2. What kind of entrepreneurial operation is Boston Duck Tours? The business is a start-up with unique features and thus an example of what most people term “pure entrepreneurship.” Wilson is a founder and a “true entrepreneur.” Boston Duck Tours has shown excellent growth, but its growth and prospects are not of such spectacular mature that it would be classified as a high-potential venture or gazelle. Apparently it hasn’t become a large, high-income firm; on the other hand, it is much more than a microbusiness. It, therefore, fits into the “attractive small firm” category – probably at the more lucrative end of such firms. It is a firm led by opportunistic (in contrast with artisan) management. There is a strong record of marketing, innovation, and outside financing. 3. Describe the competitive advantage.

Boston Duck Tours has distinguished itself from its competitors in a number of ways...
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