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Topics: Marketing, Netflix, Mobile phone Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: September 30, 2012
1.Explain Netflix’s marketing strategy. Can it sustain its competitive advantage? Why or why not? I think Netflex's strategy is to make their services available to all its users whether it was through a laptop or a ps or even tablet or a phone, which are in almost all houses now. so making their services available for everyone inside their houses without having them even to get out and leave their houses is a very good advantage but the only negative thing is that whoever doesn't have internet cant enjoy their services.

2.Perform a SWOT analysis for Netflix. What are its biggest threats? Which opportunities should it pursue? Strength: they supply their services via internet so that makes the customer base huge and since the made their services also available on gadgets and phones that makes the user bas even larger. Weakness: the don't have a store that people can actually go to, so that means no costumers that cant afford internet and thats not so good for those people. Opportunities: They can open actual stores or even just vending machines for people who don't have internet, that will for sure make their costumer base even bigger. Since a lot of people will also be urged to actually rent when its right there in front of them like the Redbox* next to a lot of the stores. Threats: If internet one days is not available then that will ruin there company so they better have backup planes.

3.What is the best way for Netflix to grow its business? Justify your answer.

I would say the best way for Netflex to grow business is by actually start opening stores or vending machines that can make it possible for people who don't have internet to pay for their services. because as we know most people have internet not everyone, although everyone wants to watch a movie every once in a while.
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