Case Study #1

Topics: Automobile, Pollution, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Question #1
The innovation process has three steps; the concept, product technology and product technology. With this being said, I would plot the EEStor’s ceramic power source device on the product technology part of the innovation continuum. This is because the second part of the continuum is product technology, which is the development of a working prototype, which is what EEStor’s ceramic power source device is in now.

Question #2
From a big picture perspective, there are many major arguments for and against an EEStor-powered car. One major arguments against an EEStor-powered car is that how accessible would the charging stations for the electric powered car become? Another argument against EEStor-powered vehicle is how much more expensive and how much money would you actually be saving having an electric powered car versus a car that runs on gasoline. A major argument for a EEStor-powered car is that it would help the environment by cutting down on exhaust and air pollution. Finally, and argument for EEStor-powered vehicles is that it could save on gas and create competition in the oil and gas industry driving the price of gasoline down.

Question #3
On a scale of 0 (no chance)-100 (a virtual guarantee), I would rate the probability that the EEStor-powered car would be a success in the marketplace as a 50. I would rank this as a 50 because I feel like there is a 50/50 shot of the EEStor becoming a success in the marketplace. I believe that the market and customers will determine if the EEStor becomes a success. This is because the consumers with have to evaluate the product and weigh the pros and cons of the product before buying it. I feel like there will be resistance from some consumers because they will not be willing to switch from a gasoline powered car to an electric one. Also, the EEStor could be a success on the marketplace because consumers will be looking for an alternative to gas because gas and oil prices are so high....
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