Case Studies

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Case studies

James is 26 and was born with Down’s syndrome and has learning disability as well as a visual impairment. He has to go to the health centre for blood tests and to complete a questionnaire about his general health. People may discriminate against James because of his condition. They may assume that he doesn’t matter and not give him the care he needs because he will not understand what is going on. They could make him complete the questionnaire and get cross with him if he is unable to do so. They may assume that because he is 26 he will know about blood tests and not consider his learning disability. They may make fun of his appearance and the way he moves around. How to avoid discrimination

There are many people who could be involved in the lives of James with Down's syndrome needs care workers, teachers, teaching support assistants, social workers, speech therapists, and learning disability nurses. The way to avoid discrimination to tailoring support to individual needs whatever the care and support setting, ensure that he has access to information, advocacy and advice, including peer support and mentoring , to make informed decision about their care and support, or personal budget management, recognising and supporting carers in the role, while enabling them to maintain a life beyond the caring responsibilities, facilities are colour coded and symbols used to assistant recognition and a help desk or helpline are in place to assist patients and visitors. In doing this the staff ought to maintain confidentiality and privacy because they may think he is Down syndrome he may not know his right in this case they should have his information privacy unless to those who have the right to see. How to avoid Discrimination:

The Equality act 2010: legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening...
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