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Consulting Case Book

The University of Chicago
Graduate School of Business

Management Consulting Group

Casebook Supplement

Supplement of Additional Cases and Guides for the 2000-2001 School Year

The University of Chicago GSB
Management Consulting Group 2000-2001

(1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 by the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Management Consulting Group, Chicago, IL. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher. Note: This is a supplement to current 2nd Year Students from the prior year to supplement the additional cases and literature added in this year’s casebook.

The information included from Pages 1-16 are guides to approaching cases that might be of use, but were primarily written for first-year students or those that are unfamiliar with the case interview experience. Starting from Page 17 are the new cases that have been included in this year’s casebook.

Again we would like to thank those members who helped contribute to the list of new cases in the book. Introduction



CASE INTERVIEWING IS THE PREFERRED FORM OF CONSULTING FIRMS TO SCREEN CANDIDATES. THE REASON FOR THIS IS THAT CONSULTING FIRMS DEPEND ON EMPLOYING FLEXIBLE AND DYNAMIC PEOPLE WHO ARE ABLE TO INTERACT EXTENSIVELY WITH COLLEAGUES AND CLIENTS IN VARIED ENVIRONMENTS. THE CASE INTERVIEW IS AN EFFICIENT, BUT IMPERFECT WAY TO QUICKLY EVALUATE CANDIDATES FOR THEIR ABILITIES INCLUDING ANALYTICAL SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP, AND COMMUNICATION. Many times the case you will be given is from the actual experience of your recruiter and may sometimes be the very case they are themselves working on at the time. Do not expect that there is an answer to every case that you receive as you are evaluated for your ability to determine the key factors influencing the situation you are given. Sometimes you may be asked to develop a potential solution, but in many cases you only have time to evaluate and identify key areas that influence the problem. The cases you receive may be very different from those of the other candidates due to your personal background and experience. If your background is perceived to be weak in one area, although you receive the same case as another candidate, the interviewer may try and evaluate your ability in that skill. Remember the case interview’s purpose is to evaluate your abilities as a consultant and not a confrontative interrogation.


THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP CASEBOOK IS ONE OF THE RESOURCES THAT YOU FIND AVAILABLE TO YOU HERE AT THE GSB. IN ORDER TO PREPARE YOU FOR THE UPCOMING RECRUITING SEASON YOU SHOULD USE IT IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE OTHER RESOURCES OFFERED BY THE MCG, CAREER SERVICES, AND THE FIRMS THEMSELVES. THE MCG RESOURCE GUIDE TOUCHES ON MANY OF THESE AVAILABLE RESOURCES AND PROVIDES A SAMPLE TIMETABLE OF WHAT TO DO ON YOUR ROAD TO THE CONSULTING CASE INTERVIEW. ATTENDING CASE WORKSHOPS AND OTHER EVENTS SPONSORED BY THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP ARE INTENDED TO SUPPLEMENT THE INFORMATION IN THE CASEBOOK. To best utilize this casebook, we recommend that you use these cases in practicing with other students be they first or second years. There are many other external resources available that will help you start practicing on your own including offerings by Vault Reports and Wet Feet Press. These offerings can be found in the Career Resource Center at Edelstone and is suggested as an excellent means to start practicing on your own and become familiar with case interviews. Unfortunately the cases included in these books were not as useful for group practicing, which is viewed as the most effective method to preparing for case interviewing by prior students.

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