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Luxury Retail Management:


1. What dream is the brand selling?

Cartier’s entry into the Chinese retail markets is based on its elegantly designed flagship stores coupled with it digital media marketing strategy. Cartier realized that high end retail shoppers have drivers other than status and need based, the shopping experience and self reward are equally important if not more important factors. I visited the Cartier Flagship store at Hong Kong Plaza for the purpose of my individual study. It is one of the 50 odd boutique stores across China and the vibe of the store is serene and delicate. Chinese customer associate each country a particular product, correspondingly a Chinese would visit a Cartier store typically to purchase a watch.

2. Methodology

Customer Attitude:

Prior to choosing Cartier as my brand of study I picked Tiffany & Co. I went up to the store manager and explained I was doing a study on the brand and needed a couple of questions answered. I was immediately shunned away. Thus when I entered the Cartier store I approached the whole exercise as a mystery shopper. Each question that I was required to complete for the purposes of the study were asked as If was genuinely interested in the product for myself. It took a while to break the ice with the sales manager since language was a barrier but eventually I was able to accomplish what I had set out to do.

Brand Experience Analysis::

Aesthetics –

Lighting and Color Scheme:
The store is very vibrantly lit up in blue lights and once a shopper is on the street one’s eyes are instantly drawn towards it. When peering into the store the inside lighting/ aesthetics are distinctly different. The lighting is confined to yellow and a bit of white when the focus needs to be on a certain ornament. By using bright lights for the outside of the store the store designer has accomplished his/ goal in getting a shoppers attention. By using yellow subtle lighting for the interiors...
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