Carter Cleaning Chapter 5 & 6

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Carter Cleaning Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 5


* Conduct exit interviews to employees leaving to see why they are leaving and what they believe the company can do to improve. * Hire more qualified employees. For example make it mandatory to have a high school degree for certain positions. If an employee has more education, they shouldn’t need as much time for training. * Provide necessary training. Training is key in keeping employees around. In an employee has no idea what they are doing it can stress them out and make them want to find a new job. * Advertise to the group of people that have been most successful in the company. For example if college students have been successful in your company target college job fairs and post on certain bulletins aimed to that group. * Have pay increase incentives to employees to work towards. For example after an employee works at the company for a year they get a bonus or small pay increase. * Re-hire someone who has already worked for the company. These people are already trained with the basic skills and will feel comfortable in the position.

* Radio Ads
* Flyers/handbills
* Direct mail to former employees for rehire and referrals * Having application on website
* Posting it on online job boards
* Craigslist
* Online job databases like and * Attend job fairs
* Open houses


Chapter 6

1. Advantages: This would help Jennifer see if their employees were being honest and telling the truth and could help her determine other things from it. The paper and pencil honesty tests is valid and would help Jennifer measure attitudes regarding things like theft. Disadvantages: Costly, time consuming and legal and moral issues (the law severely restricts the use of polygraph tests). 2.

* Conduct background checks before offering a position to an applicant. This background check should...
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