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Carpooling is when two or more adult commuters ride together in a private automobile on a continuing basis, regardless of their relationship to each other or the cost of sharing agreements.

Sun Rideshare manages a FREE carpool-matching database to help connect people who may work near each other, live in the same neighborhood, and work similar hours.

I need my car for errands during the day. Can I still carpool? Discuss schedule changes with other carpoolers in your group. You may be able to set your pick-up point close to a shopping center or bank to accommodate errands after work. Or, you may choose not to carpool on the days you must run an errand.

Can I meet a carpool somewhere other than my home?
Yes. There are 25 Park-and-Ride lots that are designated for commuters to meet their carpools and vanpools. You also can meet at another location that is convenient for the participants, such as a church lot or daycare center.

What are the advantages of carpooling?
There are many advantages of carpooling including:

Less stress commuting to and from work
Financial savings due to sharing commuting costs. Compute your savings with the Commute Cost Calculator Reduces need for parking
Increases free time for riders
Reduces pollution due to auto emissions
Reduces traffic congestion
Reduces energy consumption
How do I find a carpool partner?
Whether you want to add another person to your carpool or you want to find partners to form a new carpool, Sun Rideshare can help you. Carpool partners are located through a computerized database that matches commuters with similar commutes. The database contains thousands of potential carpool partners in Pima County.
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