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  • Published: October 9, 2013
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Carl Jung & Personality


Lonely, fantasy-filled childhood
A. Stone – perspective of stone
B. Manikin – “secret friend”
C. Phallus Dream – Lord Jesus
D. Throne Vision – terrible thought
Lifelong interest in the Occult

Lonely fantasy-filled childhood
Stone – Mother – J sometimes thought of her as two people: one nice, sense or humor, other ruthless, conniving Experience with stone similar; 7 yrs, would sit on a stone, then trade perspectives with the stone, imagining that he was the stone being sat upon by the boy, would have difficulty telling if he was the boy or the stone Would later decide he was two people also: young school boy, innocent, his consciousness; old man, unconsciousness Manikin – 10 yrs, carved man from ruler; would write things that troubled him down in secret language, ceremony to put in box with man, relieved anxiety Phallis – 4 yrs, in dream he descended into a chamber in ground that had a throne in it, seated on it was a tall object resembling a phallus, dream terrified him, he later decided it was another aspect of Christ, an unfriendly part Throne – Father was pastor, J asked questions about faith, not satisfied with answers, father seemed to have a hollow faith, just saying the words, all dogma J was leaving school, saw sun on a cathedral, had sudden thought that he was going to have a terrible thought that he had to prevent or he would damn his soul, in torment for days, but finally allowed thought – giant turd fell from sky and hit cathedral – message was that God was not all the trappings, important stuff was personal relationship with person and God

These experiences suggested that there were internal parts of him that knew things that the rest of him did not Would often follow his intuitions or dreams – changed career from archeology to medicine b/c of dream Occult – odd things happening, ex. woke with a headache to find one of patients put bullet in their...
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