Caribbean Civilisation

Topics: Crime, Education, Gang Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: September 20, 2012

The outlined article looks at the scope of respect and value place upon the educational system in a Caribbean society. The article reveals that within Jamaica’s society that there are two different set of cultural stand points. Firstly, we see that there are individuals that have little or no respect for persons that are charged with the educating of youngsters in the school system. They are also least concerned about the lives and safety of their fellow citizens. We can also recognize as well that there are persons living in this same society who condemns the action of these citizens who propagate unlawful disturbances and violence to the educational system. They are outraged that members of society have such little regard for educators and it is their belief that individuals who are engaged in the school systems should be protected and that schools kept sacred. This last opinion is somewhat biased since these actions demonstrated by the gun men are unwelcomed behavior and should not be tolerated at any level or area of the society. Not only is it erroneous for these actions to be portrayed upon educators but they should be frowned upon in every area of a civilized society. What is also noteworthy that it is believed that these negatives actions were preformed by 20 something year old. This only point out that more criminal activity is being undertaken by the younger generation. Needless to say these inappropriate behaviors should not be tolerated and ways of preventing these activities should be undertaken immediately. The Caribbean society has been facing an increase in violence and criminal activity which have seriously affected the economic and social background of society. It is determined that a number of reasons are associated with these problems. The emergence of illegal drugs and rapid urbanization are two of these reasons. It is therefore important that as a society that these issues are investigated and solutions arrived at to assist in...
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