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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Career Investigate of Primary Teaching

Description of career:
Primary teachers are involved in the social, physical and intellectual development of the pupils in their class. Typical responsibilities include planning and preparing classes, running extra-curricular activities and checking pupils work. They also have to be informed about the aims and curriculum of the area being taught.

Skills and Qualities:
Primary teachers must have great communication skills with parents and students, good classroom management and organisational skills, and also creative skills. They must also have a passion for children and teaching, an engaging personality, a positive attitude, leadership and motivation.

Qualifications and Training:
Pathway one:
St Patrick's College,
Dublin 9.
Basic Entry Requirements:
Age limits for entry, applicants must be at least sixteen years of age January fifteenth the year of entry. Minimum entry requirements in the Leaving Certificate are a Grade C3 Higher level in at least three subjects, Grade D3 in three other subjects, a Grade C3 in Higher Irish, a Grade C3 in Ordinary English or D3 in Higher, and a Grade D3 in Mathematics in Ordinary or Higher level. Course Duration:

Four year course full time
Honours Bachelor Degree

Pathway two:
Colaiste Mhuire Marino,
Marino Institute of Education,
Griffith Avenue.
Basic Entry Requirements:
Entry Requirements in the Leaving Certificate are Grade C3 Higher Level in at least three subjects and at least a Grade D3 in three other subjects. The College does not award points for Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme Link Modules in place of a sixth subject. Course Duration:

Four year course full time.
Honours Bachelor Degree

Evaluation of my selected career in light of my personal aptitude, interests and choice of Leaving Certificate subjects: I did an aptitude test which indicated that my top interests were...
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