Career Day

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Haleigh Perez
Organizational Theory & Behavior
Dr. Fischer
March 25, 2013

Spring Career Day

I interviewed with Ms. Kay Scott, human resource coordinator, with Hyspeco at the career fair. Ms. Scott was extremely friendly and very helpful. Hyspeco is a full-service distributor with the capability of providing motion and control solutions ranging from components to complete design and fabrication. Their product line consists of a complete selection of hydraulic and pneumatic components, fluid connectors, and electro-mechanical components. In addition, Hyspeco offers several added services for their customers such as VMI, kitting, and prototype and design services. In Kansas and Missouri, Hyspeco serves the industrial, agricultural, aerospace, and mobile markets. Hyspeco offices can be found in Joplin, Kansas City, Springfield, and Wichita. Hyspeco’s statement of purpose is as follows, “Hyspeco, Inc. will provide exceptional value for our customers, shareholders, suppliers, and associates by designing, building, and managing solutions that provide profitable improvement for our customers. These solutions, along with our philosophy of Together We Will Be Successful, will provide a competitive advantage for our customers and a competitive differentiation for Hyspeco, Inc.” The seven core values Hyspeco takes pride in are honesty, integrity, caring, openness, quality dedication, promise keeping, and personal mastery. Ms. Scott informed me that Hyspeco is currently looking to fill job openings for sales managers, engineers, and technical support positions. Since I am a marketing major, I asked Ms. Scott what types of qualities Hyspeco looks for in a sales representative. Eye contact and awesome listening skills were the two most important qualities Ms. Scott stressed Hyspeco loves to see from their employees. She stated communication is key between employees and customers to perform the best service possible. I also learned Hyspeco sales...
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