Capitalism a Love Story

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Tax Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Capitalism: A Love Story
1. The opening sequences of Capitalism: A Love Story makes it look like we are living in the Ancient Rome days. The song is playing and they are flashing scenes from the Roman days and then out current days. Moore did a great job editing the movie for example when music about fighting came on it showed the Roman days and then some wrestlers from this area. I’m not real sure if this would be considered effective. Effective maybe to see that things change but they are still somewhat the same. 2. Evictions come across as threatening, theft; doors are being broken down to get people out. 7 police cars went to eviction one household. That seems a little over kill. Houses were being boarded up when people were still living in them. There was no in between, people had everything or nothing. It was sad, some of the people who were being evicted were older, they weren’t young kids who bought too expensive of a house and had a difficult time paying for it. 3. The good old days of the 50s through 70s involved people getting rich and tax rates at 90%. Families only needed 1 income to survive. There was a middle class. Pensions were secure where nobody could touch them. People sent their kids to college without having to take out loans. Parents believed their kids were going to have it better than they had it. 4. Corporate America and Wall Street came to be in almost complete control of America by electing Ronald Regan. Don Reegan, who was the owner of Merrill Lynch was made the treasury secretary. Reegan enacted tax cuts and America started running like corporations. Ronald Regan began dismantling the industrial infrastructure. 5. PA Child Care was run by 2 business men, Powell and Judge Conahan. They closed the public building and built an $8 million facility and charged back to the county $58 million for the lease. Judge Mark Shivilla believed time was money, which it was because Powell reached a...
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