Candi Bumiayu: Preservation and Utilization

Topics: Archaeology, Indonesia, South Sumatra Pages: 14 (4259 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The Consideration of Preservation and Utilization in Candi Bumiayu Enshrinement Based on the Heritage Protection Official Program of the Autonomous Government of Muaraenim Regency, South Sumatera

Arranged by: Andita Gismaresya 12/338777/SA/16796

International Undergraduate Program of Tourism Faculty of Cultural Science Universitas Gadjah Mada 2012 i

Our gratitudes are blessed to God who always gives the graces and the guidance in all our lives. Thanks to Its power, because of it this paper can be resolved properly and on time.

The intent and the purpose of writing this paper are to fulfill the Final Examination task of Indonesian Archaeology course. Writer chose the title above since many of not many studies exploring the archeological sites outside Java Island. Personally it is interesting and writer is motivated to discuss it because as a Javanese writer did not know anything about the legacies from ancients outside kingdoms in Java. The less attention from people in Java can resistor the developing of the heritages. In other hand, writer as a tourism doer wants to how the management of conservation, especially the preservation and utilization, which has been planned by the government and archaeologist for the everlasting custody. Therefore this paper focus is consideration of the mysterious Candi Bumiayu enshrinement as the fully-undiscovered-yet precious archaeological heritages of South Sumatera province.

Writer thanks to the parents who have facilitated the making of this paper. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Inajati Adrisijanti as a lecturer of Indonesian Archaeology course. People who care about the preservation of archaeological sites wrote down their research result and essays, especially about Candi Bumiayu. Writer recognizes that there are still many weaknesses in the writing process, both in terms of data and linguistic. Writer apologizes and greatly appreciates if any criticism and suggestions for the better impacts of this paper. Writer certainly hopes that the discussion of this topic will be continued and will be an trustworthy guidance on the scope of archaeology and tourism in Indonesia. Yogyakarta, 15th January, 2013 Writer


PREFACE CONTENTS CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background B. Problems C. Purposes D. Method CHAPTER II THE REVIEW OF LITERATURES A. Candi Bumiayu 1. History 2. Location 3. Features B. Heritage Preservation C. Heritage Utilization D. Archaeological Heritage E. The Autonomous Government of Muaraenim Regency CHAPTER III ANALYSIS A. The Preservation of Candi Bumiayu Enshrinement B. The Utilization of Candi Bumiayu Enshrinement CHAPTER IV CLOSING A. Conclusion B. Suggestion BIBLIOGRAPHY ATTACHMENT 13 13 iii iv 8 9 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 1 2 3 3 i ii


A. Background The whole world has known that Indonesia has been being the influenced kingdom before 15 century. 1 Many tangible and intangible heritages are inherited by Indonesian ancestors. From prehistory period to the spreading of Hinduism and Buddhism period, Indonesia experienced the changes of each period for being the developed people. 2 This country had many potentials, religious guidance, and braveness to advance their life at that time. In addition, the mindset of people improved higher and then created lots of legacies in the name of this land. Fortunately, the Indonesian modern people can keep the sustainability of several creations.

Even until 2012, the excavation is still continuing to find the undiscovered heritages out. But, the discovered heritages have to get more attention since those need the efforts of custody, planning, protection, and preservation. 3 That means, people in millennium era that no longer create some creations like those period have to concern to conserve all the heritages as history wealth. Archaeological sites which are mostly in surrounding of Java Island are based on the historical stories if the huge kingdom was also spread out...
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