Canadian History

Topics: Canada, Constitution, British Empire Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: February 11, 2013

* Act of union : year, actions, causes and consequences on our territory. * Define majority and minority governments.
* Differences between protectionism and free trade. The definitions to both of those. Define industrial capitalism. * Importance of railways ( four main advantages ) : economic and demographic ( people) consequences. * Define all three social classes.

* Define confederation and the goal of it, what they wanted to accomplish. * Define residual power and the right of jurisdiction which are federal power. * Define BNA act, know the year and what it is.

* Define dominion of Canada with the first four provinces. * Define constitutional monarchy.
* Year 1867 ( forgot what it is hahaha )
* What three new sectors immerged in the second phase of industrialization : pulp and paper, exploitation of natural resources and hydro electricity. * 4 first provinces and the years they joined. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and british Columbia years also. * Define Indian act : relationship with federal government ( placed under their guardianship) Reserves were created and more. * Explain Metis rebellion. Who, what, where, when and why. * J.A.M. national policy : all about the three components. His goal, strengthen economy. * Canada’s contribution to world war one. Know what conscription is and different prospective between the English and the French. How did it effect women? How did they contribute and what were they demanding? ( sufferage and education. What did they gain? ( right to vote ) and know the year. * 5 ways Canada gained autonomy.

1) first was a colony protected by economic policies.
2) No longer protected, under responsible government
3) Act of union
4) Participation in world war one. Signed treaty of Versailles. ( really important, first time international paper signed under our name. ) 5) 1982, final autonomy. Repatriation = able to change rights in the...
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