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Calculating Eac

By | June 2012
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ent ways to calculate Estimate To Complete (ETC) without EVM | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn 6/5/12 Account Type: Basic | Upgrade Ghaleb Sanjakdar Add Connections Advanced





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Ramaraya Kamath PMP
Client Engagement Manager
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Different ways to calculate Estimate To Complete (ETC) without EVM Traditionally, Estimate At Completion(EAC) = Actual Cost(AC) + Estimate To Complete(ETC). this comes from vanilla Earned Value Management. For projects that do not implement EVM, are there mechanisms to measure 1. What is the 'New' estimate to complete the project? 2. How much more it is going to cost, this point forward? (ETC). Pls share your best practices and thoughts. Thanks in advance, Ram posted July 26, 2009 in Change Management, Project Management | Closed | Report question as...

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Kevin Alexeff Technical Manager / Director
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Whether you "implement" EVM, or not, you still ESTIMATE the cost to complete a projects the same way: break the project down into bits as small as practical (i.e. Work Breakdown Structure) and estimate the cost of each bit using previous project actual data (benchmarks), educated guesses (experience), or expert opinion. This process can be as rough or as detailed as the circumstances (size of project, company culture, project manager's experience, etc.) warrant. It can be as informal or as formal as the circumstances warrant. Most projects have this process -- whether someone calls...

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