Cafs- Multiple Role Expectations

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Multiple role expectations as a result of commitments to; Family
There is a trend of more women being in paid workforce and increasing involvement of fathers in child rearing have created change in parental roles and expectations. It is parents role to provide food, shelter and clothing to assit the family. Also household tasks such as ironing, cleaning and garden maintenance. this incurs a cost , however their are more time available for family members to spend together . shopping can be done online and pre prepared meals can be purchased. Many couples agree that parents should share the roles of parenting and childrearing equally as division of household chores should be discussesd before the birth of the baby.

Parents often try to balance their role in the family as well as their role in the workforce. After the birth of the child parents are to make decisions about staying home or returning to work. Parents need to consider that if one parent stays home there will be a decrease with the financial income coming into the household, so a budget may need to be put in place. There are flexiable work hours, part time work, job sharing or working weekends or from homein order to have more time for parenting and caring roles.

Sport and Leisure
Having a dependant means less time is available for leisure activities, although it is possible to take a child to a game of tennis. As children grow older, they are encouraged to participate in their own leisure activities, meaning parents must transport them to and from the venue and regularly watch the game.

Important for both parents to maintain their interests outside the home. they may participate in church groups, cultural organisations and community groups. In order to maintain involvement in these groups, household standards need to be dropped such as vacuuming and dusting less frequently. Tasks are prioritised.

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