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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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ASSESSMENT: Independent Research Project


Date Due:PLAN Wed 4th March
DIARY & REPORT Tuesday 28th April

Module:Research Methodology

Outcomes:H4.1 justifies and applies appropriate research methodologies. H4.2 communicates ideas, debates issues and justifies opinions.

Task Description:Create an Independent Research Project by conducting your own research on a particular subject/focus and construct a report detailing your research. The focus of the IRP should be related to the course content of one or more of the following Community and Family Study areas: Resource management, Individuals, Groups, Families, or Communities.

Resources/Materials required:
• The outline for the Plan
• The examples of topics to choose from • Access to library/internet
• Access to people to observe/interview/complete questionnaires • Some relevant links for this project are on the CAFS website for example: the link to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Institute of Family Studies, the CAFS Resource List • All IRP Marking Guidelines- for the Plan, Diary and Report

Part A: The Project Plan Due Wed 4th March
Develop a project plan and outline the complete research process.

You need to:
• Recognise the proposed research topic and related question and hypothesis. • Explain why the topic was chosen.
• Identify possible secondary sources of data specific to your topic and explain what they are about. • Describe your choice of primary research methodologies that will be used to collect data • Briefly outline issues such as sampling, validity, reliability, and bias which you may need to overcome. • Develop a clear and realistic timeline of your research.

*You will need the Plan...
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