Cadbury Fundraiser Report

Topics: Chocolate, Cancer, Breast cancer Pages: 6 (1211 words) Published: November 21, 2012


María Paz González Guzmán

27 August 2012


Information about the chosen charity1
Description of the type of fundraiser and the reason for the choice1
Procedure followed to prepare for the fundraiser1
Sales Report3
Recommendations for another fundraiser5
Suggestions for improvement5
Advertising poster for fundraiser6


The department of Sales and Marketing of Eat Central Virtual Enterprise held a fundraising event on Monday 20 August 2012 at Central Institute of Technology, Perth Campus, to support the Western Australia based charity “Breast Cancer Care WA”

To raise money for the charity, different varieties of Cadbury chocolates were sold during the activity; Freddo 100s and 1000s frog, Freddo Dairy Milk frog, Freddo Dream White Chocolate frog, Caramello Koala, Freddo Twin Strawberry frog and Freddo Twin Peppermint frog.

Information about the chosen charity

Cancer is one of the most terrible illnesses that a person could suffer and breast cancer is one of those that does not discriminate; it might affect women or men. Thousands of people and their families fight against breast cancer in the world.

The statistics about breast cancer state that in 14,610 women will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012, making breast cancer one of the most common cancers affecting women, although it’s important to mention that 103 men were affected by breast cancer in 2007 in Australia. Fortunately most women survive breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care WA provides emotional, practical and financial support and care to people that have been affected by breast cancer in Western Australia. This foundation does not receive any government funding so they depend on the generosity of Western Australians to keep providing help at no cost.

Description of the type of fundraiser and the reason for the choice

For the Breast Cancer Care WA fundraiser we decided to sell Cadbury chocolates in Central Institute of Technology, Perth Campus. Eat Central Virtual Enterprise has an agreement with Cadbury for purchasing Cadbury fundraising products which have been made to help fundraising events and make the most of your sales.

Procedure followed to prepare for the fundraiser

The first week every team member competed a ‘To Do’ List, a team meeting was organised by the team leader, every team member suggested a charity of their choice. We attended to another meeting to decide which charity would be choose we agreed to do the fundraiser activity for the Breast Cancer Care WA. It was agreed that Cadbury chocolates would be sold for the fundraising at Central Institute of Technology at the Students Services area. For the activity we decided to dress in purple (the charity’s official colour) and decorate the stand with purple balloons.

An email was sent to the Breast Cancer Care WA to let them know that we would like to fundraise for them. They happily accepted our idea and we were offered brochures, balloons and support to set up our stand.

Each member designed a poster using the official logo of the foundation and a brief description of the charity, as well as the price list for Cadbury chocolates, only one was sent to the Breast Cancer Care WA for their approval.

The amount of money set out to raise during the fundraising was AU$200 after deducting Cadbury money (AU$60) and float money (AU$40). A memo was sent to the manager with all the details of the fundraising for his approval.

In the second week, the fundraising event was held (Monday 20 August 2012) from 10:30am to 3:00pm at the Students Services area. At the end of the activity the ‘Sales Summary’ and the ‘Cash Receipt Summary’ were completed by each team member. AU$ 0.60 per chocolate sold was put in an envelope for payment to Cadbury. The amount of profit made was calculated and the...
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