Ca Us History Standards Review Packet - 11.8

Topics: President of the United States, Richard Nixon, United States Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Growth of Employment
1. GI Bill of Rights
-The GI Bill of Rights encouraged veterans to get an education by paying a part of their tuition. It guaranteed 1 year's worth of unemployment benefits while a veteran was job hunting. It also gave out low-interest, federally guaranteed loans.

2. White Collar Jobs
-White collar jobs are jobs with high prestige. They are higher class jobs done by professionals. They are often less laborious.
3. Service Sector Jobs
-Service sector jobs provide services instead of goods. Includes government services, transportation, communications, retail trade, finances, insurance, real estate, and business services.
4. Professional Sector Jobs
- Jobs that have a high level of prestige such as doctors, lawyers, etc.
5. Consumerism
- People had more money to spend due to copious amounts of saving during the war, and they were able to spend on credit rather than paying up front. The advertising business boomed. People were investing in vehicles, homes, and many leisure time activities.

6. Franchise
- A company that offers similar products or services in many different locations. I.E. Fast food restaurants that use assembly line methods of cooking.

II. Influence of mexican immigrants
1. Labor
- Braceros (Hired hands that were allowed into the U.S. to harvest crops for low wages) took away from American jobs.
2. Culture
- Many cultural aspects influenced American culture, such as traditional Hispanic foods, dances, and music.
3. Immigration Act of 1965
- Opened the doors for many non-European immigrants to settle into the U.S. and ended quotas based on nationality.

III. Truman Labor Policy
1. Drafting Striking Workers
- Truman threatened striking workers that he would enlist them into the United States Army, seize the steel mill lands, and then enlist them to do the jobs they were striking. This successfully ended the strikes

2. Seize Land
- Eisenhower and Truman both tried to seize...
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