Buying Behaviour

Topics: Computer, Marketing, Price comparison service Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Recently, I bought a computer monitor. I bought it from Golden Computer Arcade which locates at Sham Shui Po. The brand of the monitor is SAMSUNG. It is having 19inchs length (almost 47cm). The model number is S19B300B. The reason of me to buy the LED monitor at Sham Shui Po is because the price there is cheaper. When I go to the price comparison website ( I found that the common price of the LED monitor is around $850 HKD. But I found that the same model of the LED monitor at the store in Sham Shui Po is cheaper. I bought that for a price around $790. For me as a consumer, there are sets of consumer values for me to purchase the most suitable product, such as the Samsung monitor. This kind consumer values are attitudes shaped by personal values and values contribute to attitudes. It is also a kind of personal values affecting me to purchase the product. The personal value for me to purchase the monitor is having a more comfortable life. When having a desktop computer, a monitor must be requiring to access the Computer use. For a comfortable life, the monitor should have protection for my eyes. So, a LED monitor cans more protection than normal monitor. The size of the monitor is also important in protecting user’s eyes. So it is important to choose a suitable monitor for a more comfortable life to maintain eyes healthy, stay away from eye disease such as: short sight, far sight and astigmatism. For me as a consumer, there have consumer attitude for me to purchase the product. Consumer attitude includes in three components:

1. Affective
Feelings or emotions on something. Such as fear, sympathy, hate. 2. Cognitive
Understanding, interpretation and knowledge of someone on something.

3. Conative
Individual’s attentions, actions or behavior.
For my attitude towards the monitor, It is cognitive for me to choose the monitor. Integrated my experience, knowledge and opinions in the price comparison website. Appraised score from the website is...
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