Topics: Decision making, Better, Decision theory Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 11, 2013
MOMIN SHAHZAD BUTT ,Reg #BCS02123106,2nd Semester (sec B)
Q.no1)Would you characterize product design decisions as structured or unstructured problem? Ans.) we must first understand the difference between a structured and unstructured problem and or decision.structured decisions are those defined as “straight forward, familiar, and easily defined”. Unstructured decisions are defined as problems that are new or unusual and for which information is ambiguous or incomplete”.In this scenario, the designing industry had no past procedure established for consideration of value on design changes. Since Chuck took it upon himself to create this process by establishing focus groups to review changes as well as other marketing considerations, this would be best considered an unstructured problem that Chuck turned into an industry standard. Q.NO2)Describe and evaluate the process Chuck went through to change the way design decisions were made.Describe and evaluate the company’s new design decision process.? Ans.)Whirpool’s faced many challenges .He thought his company future may be in huge loss and which material their company made ,not satisfy the customer.In that critical situation ,Chuck’s realization that the whole processes of making design decisions needed to be improved came after a meeting with Whirpool’s source allocation team.Chuck wanted to add some ornamentation to a kitchenAid refrigerator that was being redesigned,but it would have added about $5 in extra cost.When the team asked him to tell about profit?,he could not give them any data.He just say “Trust me ,I am a designer”argument didn’t the way them either.Chuck resolved to improve the approach to investing in design. Q.NO3)What criteria does Whirlpool’s design team use in design decisions?what do you think each of these criteria involves? Ans.)Their first step was to survey other companies what they are made ? and what is their level of product?.Most of them...
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