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Chapter 5 notes, the human resource function-the employment cycle -the employment cycle involves an organisation determining its employment needs in line with its business strategy. Phases of the human resource process and the related activities ESTABLISHMENT-involves determining what human resources are required to ensure that the organisation to meet its needs. -P


Human resource planning-is the development of strategies to meet the organisations future HR needs Human resource planning must be related to business strategies e.g. use the strategy of reducing business costs to achieve increased profitability HR must forecast the future demand of employees and the supply available to meet that demand to avoid having to many employees on the payroll Internal factors that need to be taken into account of in HR planning -possible changes in production

-any planned expansion of operations
-new equipment
-likely retirements
External factors that need to be taken into account in HR planning -government regulations
-financial (economy strength)
-degree of competition in the market
This planning will achieve
JOB ANALYSIS-is the “systematic” study of an employee’s job to determine, duties performed, time involved with each duty, the responsibilities involved and equipment needed. It examines Actual job activities, equipment, and degree of supervision, behaviour and working conditions. HRM should do a job analysis because there is no sense in hiring people when the organisation isn’t clear on what they will do. The job analysis typically consists of two parts

1) Job description-a summary of what the worker will be doing- the role they will have in the organisation and the responsibilities 2) Job specification-will indicate what sort of person the organisation is seeking in terms of personal qualities, work exp, skills and education JOB DESIGN- details the number, kind and variety of tasks a worker will perform in their jobs. Jobs may be designed to include a variety of tasks to keep employees interested and motivated. When making a job design the decisions that must be taken are 1-what task should be grouped together for a typical job?

2-how are they to be performed?
3-who will perform them?
4-does the people need any qualifications to perform the task? Jobs may be designed so they lead to better job satisfaction by including a variety of tasks and give the employee some decision making responsibility. This will lead to greater job satisfaction, which will lead to lower staff turnover, which will then lead to lower training costs, and so increased productivity.

5.2 The establishment phase of the cycle- recruitment and selection Recruitment-is the process of attracting qualified applicants and choosing from them the most appropriate one for a specific job Internal recruitment- involves considering present employees as applicants for an available position (promotion) It provides strong motivation for employees

They are only effective if substantial in size
The employee is already familiar with the organisation
Low cost
External recruitment- when an organisation wishes to bring in new people with different motivation and attitudes Main sources of employment in Australia
-ads in media
-Ad-wider audience
-Dis- time consuming from screening all applicants
-Temporary casual services
-Ad- convenience to bring in if regular employees cannot work -Dis-expensive
-Schools, unis, tafes
-Internal searches
-Public employment agencies
Ad-effective, agencies do all the screening and options and present the organisation with a short list Dis- expensive
Private employment
The factors that influence which recruitment method is chosen are -the size of the organisation
-types of positions
-natures of the labour force
SELECTION- involves choosing the candidate who best matches the organisations requirements. The steps taken...
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