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"Being a manager in today's dynamic workplace provides many challenges. Describe and discuss the challenges and rewards of being a manager in a contemporary organisation".

Managers face varieties of challenge in their job. If a manager had a strong goal to be successful, challenges are the necessary parts of their job. Manager need to have three essential skills for without these skills, effectiveness can not be realized in a company which will lead to failure. Additionally, creating a healthy organizational culture also has a strong impact on the success of a company. Challenges not only bring difficulties for management to face, but also bring rewards. So manager's efforts can be rewarded in most cases as long as manager is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve success.

Manager needs some essential skills to carry out duties and issues. Robert L. Katz (1993) has identified three basic skills for manager to possess and how these skills bring rewards to manager. These skills are a big challenge for manager because managers need to make an effort to develop the skills and make them become natural. A top level manager is supposed to make good use of the three basic skills and enhance them. These are technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills. Technical skills play an important role in a specialized field, such as engineering, computer, marketing, or accounting. Learning technical skills through trail and error contributes to company's development. Technical skills can increase productivity and efficiency because technical skill implies an understanding of, and proficiency in, a specific kind of activity, particularly one involving methods, processes, procedures, or techniques ( Robert L. Katz 1993 ). It is obviously that manager with technical skill can work much more effectively than those who know little about specific field .Good relationships between...
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