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Topics: Goat, Livestock, Meat Pages: 15 (3247 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Zombo Commercial Goat
Farming Enterprises C/o Opoipimungu

Jasper P.O. Box 1


Prepared for: Opoipimungu Jasper
General Manager

Prepared by: Opoipimungu Jasper Flossy

Zombo Commercial Goat farm enterprises is in need of funds to expand its goat project, with limited finance this project faces difficulty regarding meeting the goals and objectives of the enterprise as well as achieving its vision as entailed in the business plan below.


Executive Summery

The Objectives;

Zombo commercial goat farming enterprises seeks to expand its enterprise in order to satisfy the current gap in the supply of goat products in the market. This stems from the fact that most goats farmers undertake goat farming on subsistence level and hence are not able to meet the market demand for goats in the country. Zombo commercial goat farmers therefore has put up a business plan to help bridge this supply-demand gap and thus increase its revenue generation potential as planned herein. Specifically the objectives of this proposal & the enterprise will include the following;

1. To increase goat production to 8000 goats in the next 5 years

2. To slaughter and process goat meat for sales (Export and import)

3. To produce kids for the farm and to support other intending goat farmers (Under the government Goat farming initiative under the NAADS program)

4. To engage into forward linkage supplying other goat related products like goat skin, meat to other organisations doing related business.

The Goals;

The goals of this proposal is to solicit funds for expansion of this enterprise into a commercial goat farming, the funds realised from this proposal will be specifically used for the following reasons;

1) Purchase more grazing land for the farm on which the animals will be grazed

2) Purchase more goats for the farm to ensure faster and quicker multiplication of the goats to meet the objectives detailed below.

3) To facilitate the treatment of the animals, this is currently a problem due to scarcity of veterinary medicine and specialists in the country but specifically the district in which the farm is located.

4) To facilitate the extension of electricity supply to the farm, considering the recently launched Nyagak Power dam in Zombo district.


Commercial goat farming is an enterprise that is practised by few as many people do undertake goat farming at subsistence level in Uganda. Goat Farming is mainly practised in the rural areas in Uganda largely due to the vast, cheap and readily available farm land. Goats are very important in the wellbeing of the environment as well as the economy in terms of the lucrative money opportunity that it provides. Among animals that are easy to keep are Goats due to their strong resistance to various diseases and adaptability to hard situations. Zombo commercial goat Enterprise is already an established goat rearing project located in Zombo district West-Nile region in Northern Uganda. The farm is established on 7 acre piece of land that is fully fenced and paddocked to enable proper and efficient use of the grazing land. Zombo Commercial farming enterprises was set up initially with 18 female goats and 2 male goats. The proprietor of this project intends to expand production to commercial level in the next 5 years and hence has put up the below business and or funding proposal intended to achieve the five years plan.

Motivating Factor for Goat Farming;

Goat farming on commercial level requires low initial investment due to the nature of goats being creatures that are comparatively minor in stature and...
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