Business Plan for Hr Dept

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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2013 Business plan

“Bad is stronger than good. Getting rid of bad people is probably even more crucial than bringing in great people.” Bob Sutton---Fast Company Magazine March 2012

HR is like the flight attendant—tell story

Single highest driver of engagement is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well being. 2011 Towers Watson survey

Biggest problem in the room—recruiting. Suprising considering the unemployment rate

Keys to success in changing encvironment – cohesive leadership team. Do we have?

Manage yourself, manage your life, manage your business.

Items to complete in 2013:
1. Establish a social media presence. This should be for several purposes: a. Brand recognition
b. Recruiting
2. Wellness program
c. Establish a wellness mission
d. Establish ownership from top down
e. Point System for wellness improvements. (lower weight, lower cholesterol, minutes of movement, etc) f. Reimbursement for generic meds?
g. GEMS—great employees means success
h. Tobacco cessation
3. Increase employee engagement
i. 3x year meetings
j. 3x year performance reviews
k. 3x year ee surveys
4. Increased technology in both office and field
5. Training program last year never really got off the ground l. Goals were too broad and not personalized
m. Wish to establish a benchmark test on software, and train based on those results 6. Either conduct or purchase a thorough benefits & salary survey for our industries. Establish if we are truly competitive in the market we are fishing in for talent n. Many candidates are turning down offers due to pay/perks o. Several employees indicate they took reductions to come here. Identify why and capitalize on it 7. Meet monthly with each department head and bi-monthly with department as a whole p. Identify and remove obstacles outlined within...
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