Business Plan

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Chapter 1

Executive summary

BURFY: Buy Rice n Satisfied Is a company that is ready to pursue its luck on Agricultural industry, especially on providing rice retailers with the best of our products and services on reasonable price, on time delivery, updates of delivery via SMS updating our customers on the real time location of their delivery and orders.

Providing our customers security on our delivery system, frequent price check on our goods and letting them know that they are as important in this company as we are.


1. Establish BURFY as leader in rice dealership industry.

2. Provide affordable rice to retailers and consumers alike.

3. Attract investors for further expansion of the company.

4. Securing each order on delivery safe and on time

5. Provide great customer service.

6. Gain maximum profits with the intent of valuing our customers.

7. To expand branches in different key public markets in Metro Manila in the span of 3 years


• Develop strong relationship with key customers and suppliers

• Provide appropriate pricing and convenient delivery system

• Work to provide customers what they want, when they want, how they want it.


Rice Dealer

I. The Business

i. Mission

• Develop strong relationship with key customers and suppliers

• Provide appropriate pricing and convinient delivery system

• Work to provide customers what they want, when they want, how they want it

ii. The Business Name

Name of the Business: “BUFY: Buy Rice n Satisfy”.

BUFY- Buy Rice n Satisfied is a rice dealership company that aim not to become just an ordinary supplier have close bonds to customers by selling quality and fair priced products with the function of delivery for customer convenience. Derived from our company slogan “Buy Rice n’ Satisfy”. “Buy rice is our call to the customers, an achievement satisfy is what we do to our customers. We satisfy them not only by our product but also by our service itself.

The Logo of the Business


Our logo signifies the connection of the company to people as it shows most of the colors of flag red, and white; it also shows the graphic illustration of rice grain, which is our main product.

Advantage of the Logo

Our logo signifies our commitment to our fellow Pilipino citizen, as you can see our logo is inspired by the Philippine Flag it is also visible to our logo the grain of rice that is our primary product.

iii. Location:

Figure 1 – Location Map

Burfy is located at the Nolasco Public Market, Tungkong Mangga, San Jose Del Monte City,Bulacan. The place is along the main highway (Quirino Hwy) and is one of the center public markets of San Jose del Monte.

Figure 2 - BURFY’s Vicinity Map


External Scanning


• Located at the Market

• More business structure such as karinderya/Kainian/Turo-turo

• Accessible to the supplier

• Near at the major cities and Barangay of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan such as Caloocan, Quezon City, San Miguel, Graceville, Ciudad Real, Maharlika, Gumuok and Sto. Cristo


• Traffic Prone Area

• Cannot be Expand

iv. Company Status

The business is a general partnership partners; Mark Brian Pactao, Tracy Malitao, Josef Mikhael Sta. Ines, Joel Eribal, including Miss Joy Danganan. Being general partners we the proponent must share an equal amount of capital.

Capital needed by the business through the proponents personal savings. The proponent will finance their business initial source.

II. Project Time Table (pre-operation)...
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