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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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School of Management
Semester II, Academic Session 2007/2008
15 February 2008
8.00AM ¨C 10.00AM
Dewan Kuliah ¡°Z¡±
This exam booklet contains five (5) questions (including one bonus question) Answer the FIRST FOUR questions; the bonus question is an option. Show all your works clearly.
This booklet contains seven (7) printed pages.
1 a) List and describe briefly all the special matrices? (10 marks) b) Let matrix A represent the sales (in thousands of dollars) of motorcycle company in 2004 in three cities, and let B represent the sales in the same cities in 2006, where A and B are given by A= ......850280450150350400 (Matric Form)

B= ......750320460220330380 (Matric Form)
Given the sales in 2007 tripled to that of the sales in 2004, what is the change in sales between 2006 and 2007? If the company sold two motorcycle brands, Singa and Harimau, determine the total of each brand sold in 2007. Interpret your results. (6 marks) c) A company has a taxable income of $312,000. The federal tax is 25% of that portion that is left after the state tax has been paid. The state tax is 10% of that portion that is left after the federal tax has been paid. Find the company¡¯s federal and state taxes. (6 marks)  

2 a) How do you know if a limit of a function exists?¡± Illustrate with a graph if necessary. (3 marks) b) Given . (14 marks). ...=00)(xifxxifxxh
i) lim x¡ú 0+ h(x)
ii) lim x¡ú 0- h(x)
iii) lim x¡ú 0 h(x)
iv) lim x¡ú ¡Þ h(x)
v) lim x¡ú - ¡Þ h(x)
vi) lim x¡ú 2 h(x)
vii) lim x¡ú -4 h(x)
c) How you determine if a function is continuous or not? (3 marks) d) Why a polynomial function is said to be continuous and what is/are its domain(s)? (2 marks) e) You are planning to sell satay. After contacted some of the satay sellers, you found that the price of a unit of satay is...
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