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1.1What is TOPSIM - General Management II?1
1.2The training objectives of TOPSIM - General Management II1 1.3Functional Areas Managed in TOPSIM - General Management II2 2.Introduction4
2.1The Daily Observer - Business Section4
2.2In-House Memo at COPYFIX Inc.5

3.The Functional Areas of COPYFIX Inc.9
3.1.1Product Description and Product Policy9
3.1.2Pricing Policy10
3.1.3Promotion Policy10 Identity and Corporate Image11
3.1.4Distribution Policy11
3.1.5Marketing Mix11
3.1.6Bulk Buyers / Requests for Bids13 to Bulk Buyers13 Through Requests for Bids (Tenders)13
3.1.7Insufficient Capacity to Supply13
3.1.8Customer Satisfaction14
3.1.9Market Research Report for the Industry14
3.1.10Inventory for Copy I15
3.2Research & Development16
3.3.1Demand and Price Conditions17
3.3.2Inventory for Input Materials/Parts17
3.4.1Production Lines at the Start of the Game18
3.4.2Production Capacity Required18
3.4.3Means of Influencing Production Capacity18 Rationalization20 Allotted to Production Lines20
3.4.4Investments in Environmental Technology21
3.4.6Factory Materials21
3.5.1Labor Force at the Start of the Game22
3.5.2Potential Changes to the Workforce22 and Dismissals22 Resources Planning (Purchasing and Administration)22 3.5.3Non-Salary Staff Costs23
3.5.4Employee Pension Plan23
3.5.5Production Staff Motivation23
3.5.6Personnel Report of Cost Centers24
3.5.7Overtime Production Staff25
3.5.8Productivity25 Optimization Projects25 Training25 Index I25 and Productivity26 Productivity26
3.5.10Production Staff Table26
3.6Finance and Accounting27
3.6.1Customer Payment Patterns27
3.6.2Financial Investments27
3.6.4Loans28 Loans28 Loans28 Loans28
3.6.5Taxation and Dividend Payments29
3.6.6Share Price and the Value of the Company29
3.6.7Shareholder Earnings29
3.6.8Industry Business Reports30



1.1What is TOPSIM - General Management II?

TOPSIM - General Management II is a business management game that establishes a link between business management theory and business management in practice.

The simulation presents a realistic model of a company and thus provides participants with the opportunity to quickly gain the lasting effects of a practical experience in a risk-free environment.

TOPSIM - General Management II is an interactive teaching and learning system (which we refer to as action learning) based on the principle:


1.2The training objectives of TOPSIM - General Management II

(Recognizing and formulating the general conditions for commercial success

(Experiencing relationships in business management by adopting a holistic approach

(Defining goals and strategies, and realizing them in an environment in which economic and ecological factors play significant roles

(Deriving insights and decisions from industry figures which can be put into practice

(Understanding the fundamentals of marketing

(Learning to use the instruments of cost accounting, income analysis, product costing, and marginal costing

(Coping with complex decision making in uncertain situations

(Maintaining control of a business in difficult situations

(Developing a sense for the essential and a holistic view on business

(Learning to think and act in an inter-disciplinary way

(Learning how...
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