Business Management Notes

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Management Notes

Defining the Manager’s Terrain :
Managers are responsible for (A) PLANNING, (B) ORGANIZING, (C) LEADING & (D) CONTROLLING. (Efficiency vs. Effectively) Questions arise: What is a manager’s role? His/her constrains? What about the global environment…affects duty? How can a manager be ethically and socially responsible? Managers are everywhere - in all business settings – ages between 18 and 80-years-old. Eg. Brain Scudmore [Canadian company 1-800-JUNK] copied the Fed Ex model ie. upfront rates and on time service plus, including employees in the decision-making process. When Scudmore stopped being a CEO – everything changed! A good manager is someone who works with and through other people to coordinate their work or activities to accomplish organizational goals. [It is NOT about personal achievement]. Type of Managers:

1st line managers (lowest level) – supervisors, shift managers, department / office managers. •Middle managers – all levels between 1st line and top level management [VP, MD, etc.] Management – functions, roles & skills – how efficient & effective they are? EFFICIENCYEFFECTIVENESS

Most output from the least amount of input. Dealing with scarce resources but getting things done at minimum costs. Peter Druker (Mang. Expert) “Doing Thing Right” ie. Getting Things Done! Doing the right things – activities that help organization achieve its goals. Eg. Hosp. & patient care. Concerned with the end result or Attainment of Goals!

In a successful organization: high efficiency and high effectiveness go “hand-in-hand”. French Industralist, Henri Payol proposed managers perform 5 functions: (a) Planning, (b) Organizing, (c) Commanding, (d) Coordinating & (e) Controlling. Managers Functions:

Planning- Define goals, establish strategy to achieve those goals, develop plans to integrate and coordinate activities.

Organizing- Determine “what tasks to be done?”; “who does them?”; “How it is done?”; “Who reports to...
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