Business Law Chapter 1 Exam

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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The Nature of Law

True / False Questions

1. The U.S. Constitution recognizes the states' power to make law in certain areas. True False

2. Uniform acts are model statutes drafted by private bodies of lawyers and/or scholars; they become law only after legislature enacts them. True False

3. The Restatements usually state binding common law rules, promulgated by the American Law Institute. True False

4. Common law is a state law and hence only the state courts can apply the same. True False

5. If an international treaty signed in 1997 conflicts with a statute which was promulgated by federal legislature in 2007 and the subject matter of conflict is purely domestic in nature, the international treaty being the supreme law of land should prevail. True False

6. Both civil and criminal liability can sometimes co-exist and can be claimed at the same time. True False

7. A State Homicide statute is an example of a Substantive law, Criminal Law and Public Law. True False

8. Though formal natural law defense is not recognized in court, judges do take natural law oriented views while interpreting a Statute. True False

9. American legal realists distinguish between the "law in the books" and the "law in action" and they recognize law as the behavior of public officials (mainly judges) as they deal with matters before the legal system. True False

10. The "Critical Legal Studies" movement regards the law as the product of political calculation and class biases of lawmakers. True False

11. The State Statute says, "a driver operating a motor vehicle on road above 60 miles per hour must pay a fine of $50." Ann was driving her car at 65 miles per hour for which she was arrested, but the fact could not be proven in Court of law. She will be required to pay the fine as she had exceeded the speed limit. True False

12. Doctrine of Stare Decisis states that like cases should be decided...
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