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16.Congresswoman Sloan introduced a bill in the House of Representatives. If the bill is approved by the House committee specializing in that subject, the bill will go to: a.a Senate committee specializing in the subject matter of the proposed legislation. b.the full House.

c.a Conference Committee made up of representatives of both the House and Senate. d.the voters of her state for approval.


17.Bert had his driver's license suspended by the state department of transportation. He believes his constitutional due process rights were violated by the administrative agency. Can he immediately file a court action to have agency's actions reviewed? a.Yes. A court has the jurisdiction to immediately review an agency's alleged unconstitutional action. b.Yes. Bert must specifically allege his constitutional rights have been violated and file a court action in federal court - not a state court. c.No. Bert must first utilize the administrative agency's procedures to review the suspension before he seeks judicial review by a court. d.No. A court of law does not have jurisdiction to review an administrative agency's actions.

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18.TECO Coal Corporation mines and ships more than six million tons of coal annually. TECO is comprehensively regulated by the U.S. Bureau of Mines. The U.S. Bureau of Mines may conduct a surprise inspection of one of TECO's mines: a.only if it has a search warrant.

b.only if it has a subpoena.
c.only if it has reason to believe a violation of a regulation has occurred. d.without a search warrant to ensure safety.

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19.Generally, an initial adjudication before an administrative agency is conducted by: administrative law judge. administrative appellate board. administrative mediator.
d.a federal court.


20.Which statement is correct concerning judicial...
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