Business Environment

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|Unit Title |Business Environment | |Unit Code |Y/601/0546 | |Assignment Number |1& 2 | |Assignment Title |Assume you are a trainee in a firm of management consultants. As part of your induction process,| | |you have been requested to carry out an analysis of an organisation of your choice operating in | | |ONE of the following sectors of the Mauritian economy: | | |Agro-Industry | | |Manufacturing | | |Tourism & Leisure | | |I CT | | |Financial Services (Banking or non-banking) | | |Other Services | | | | | |Conduct the analysis in order to evaluate its performance during the last three years and submit | | |a Report to your Managing Director making any recommendations to: | | |either improve its performance (if its performance has been poor), | | |or maintain its continuous growth and success. | |Tutor | M.Gangaram | |Issue Date | | | |29th June 2012 | |Submission Dead Line |27th July 2012 |

1. Description

This assignment covers a broad spectrum of the contents of this unit. It has been designed so that students can demonstrate their abilities to analyse the various environmental factors, both at national and international levels that influence the business organization including also the influences of its stakeholders, the consumers, the people working in it and the market forces.

The design will further ensure that the students are able to understand the key concepts of the business environment in which organizations operate, to gather relevant information in this field, understand the data collected and interpret it with clarity and relevance to the topic. This will enable them to give clear evidence about their understanding of this unit.

2. Assessment requirements to meet the Learning Outcomes...
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