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1. We are pleased to advice you that your order No.103 has been dispatched (instead of send)in accordance with your instruction/request. 我高兴地通知你们:第103号订单货物已遵照你方指示/要求运出。 2. In accordance with (instead of by or under)your request, we are sending you herewith our price list and some pamphlets/ shipment schedule. 根据你方要求现附寄价目表及说明书数本/出货安排表。 3. We will meet you half way by offering a discount of 5% in view of (instead of for)our long pleasant relations. 鉴于我们之间长期愉快的业务关系,本公司将酌情考虑给予5%的折扣。 商务英语信函经常使用here/there+介词构成的复合词。如:hereafter, hereby, hereunder, hereto, hereinafter, herewith, thereafter, therein, therefrom etc. 4. All offers and sales are subject to the terms and conditions printd on the reverse side hereof.(of the offer letter.) 所有报盘和销售均应以本报价单背面所印的条件为准。 5. In such a case, Seller is bound to reimburse Buyer for any loss or damage sustained therefrom. (from the abovementioned terms and conditions for breaching the contract.0 在此情况下,卖方负责偿还买方由此所遭受的损失。

商务英语信函还经常利用构词手段(如使用复合词,缩略词,前后缀)和词类转换手段(如使用由动词和形容词转换而来的名词)来实现其正式规范性。 1. The Seller shall mark the following on the four adjacent sides of each package with indelible paint in conspicuous English printed words. 2. We look forward to your favorable reply.

3. Your price is unacceptable to us.
4. We consider your offer practicable.
5. We are compelled to express our surprise and disappointment at finding the goods. 6. Contained in your last shipment not up to the agreed standard. Trimming charges 平仓费
Insurance policy 保险单
Coverage 险别
Premium 保险费
Underwriter 保险人
Establishment 开证
Counter-offer 还盘
Counter-suggestion 反还盘
Bid 递盘
Surcharges 附加费
Proforma invoice 形式发票
Irrevocable letter of credit 不可撤销信用证
Clearance sale 清仓削价销售
L/C 信用证
CIF 到岸价格
FOB 离岸价格
C.B.D 付现提货
Document 单证
Literature 书面材料
Finish 最后一道漆/一道工序
Particular 详细的情况,具体细节
Subject 可能会/需经过···,以···为准
With 向···(投保,索赔,下订单等)
1. We shall cover TPND on your order. 我们将为你方的货物投保。(TPND 偷窃,提货不着险) 2. It would be appreciated if you would let us know by return your lowest pssible price for the following goods FOB London. 请报下列商品伦敦船上交货之最低价。

3. Industrial averages were up. 工业股票的平均价格在上涨。(股票用语,若干种股票的平均价格。) 4. Average is of two kinds; General Average and Particular Average. 海损有两种,一种是共同海损,另一种是单独海损。(海损费用) Offer, quotation
Pamphlet, brochure, booklet, sales literature 说明材料
Shipment , consignment 所发出的货物
Financial standing, reputation, condition, position 资信财务情况。 Fulfill complete/execute an order 执行订单
A draft contract, a specimen contract 合同样本
Sales contract, sales confirmation.
1. The market here for this product is active, and the best price we can offer is US$150 or over per long ton. 该产品在本地的销售看好,我方出价可达每长吨150美元或以上。 Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your interest in our fireworkds.
In reply to your enquiry of November 10, we are really sorry to say that we cannot divulge any of our sales information. We hope this will not bring you too much inconvenience. 承蒙贵方对我们的烟花感兴趣,十分感谢。

兹复贵方11月10日询价函,我们非常抱歉地奉告,我们不能泄露我方任何销售情况。我们希望这不会给贵方带来很多不便。 商务信函句式结构特点
1. 句式正规完整
In order to facilitate business in consideration of the present monetary stringency, the corporation, on behalf of which I am studying this proposition, is willing to base transation on trade by barter and would import any articles, which you would ship to the United States. 最近银根很紧,为谋求达成交易,本人代表公司正在研究如何做成这笔交易。我们希望以易货贸易为基础,进口你方能运动美国的任何商品。 2. 用陈述句表示委婉的祈使意义

We should be glad to have your immediate shipping instructions. We should be obliged if you would send us by air a copy of the packing list for the shipment to be dispatched by sea. We would appreciate if if you could send us the shipping instructions immediately. It would be appreciated if you could send us your shipping instructions. Your confirmation on this point would be appreciated.

3. 大量使用套语
We are in receipt of your letter;
We admid receipt of your letter;
We acknowledge receipt of.
Regarding your letter of;
In reply to your letter of
Referring to your letter of
We owe...
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