Business Applications of Speech Recognition Technology

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Chapter 3
Case Study 3 page 111-112                                             May 25, 2009 E- Trade, Verizon Communications, AAA, and Others: Advances in the Business Applications of Speech Recognition Technology  

1 The business benefits of the speech recognition systems at e-Trade, Verizon and others are to have less on hand personnel to handle calls that can be taken care of by automated voice technology. The limitations would be the lack of personal assistance and would be adding to the frustration of customers if the system wasn’t properly answering the questions. The use of this technology could be improved to concentrate on more questions that are easily answered with the auto response and have calls taken on the more complex questions. It’s more frustrating talking to an automated voice system than it is talking to a live person. 2 The types of business situations that would benefit most from speech recognition technology are credit card companies or banks when all they need to know is their balance or other simple responses to down size jobs and to save money that otherwise would be passed on to consumers. The ones that would benefit least would be phone ordering companies anyone dealing with the hard of hearing or hearing impaired. Voice recognition is somewhat precise and can be easily messed up if the person or connection is not clear. 3 I could see it being more accurate for people who don’t speak clearly. It has already come a long way from what it used to be like when you had to talk with 1 word and repeat over and over again because they didn’t understand what you were saying. In the future I would think it can take more sentences and determine the help you need more precisely and accurately.  

Chapter 4
Case Study 2 page 130-131
Google, Microsoft, and Others: Transforming the Desktop with Webtop Software Applications  
1 I do agree that webtop software will one day replace suites of desktop applications. It will...
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