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BUSN226 - Marking Rubric – Assignment #1

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Prepared For: Trideep Dey
Prepared By: Bonnie Chu 300616950
Oct 4th, 2012

Soup has been around for a number of years. In the 18th century, one would put ingredients into a large pot to create a nutritious meal to feed a large group. At that time, soup was considered an easy to make and serve meal. However, as lifestyles have changed over the years, it formed a soup industry that ranges from multiple companies. These companies such as Campbell Soup Co. brand their products in a different way with all have different recipes as competitor to other brands. There are now numerous types of soups on the shelves of grocery stores today that is to your inconvenience to purchase. Aside from products, there are associations that represent the industry such as Labels For Education. This association “helps schools obtain free education equipment in exchange for labels from various products.”

According to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, for the past few years’ soup sales of the United States have been rapidly decreasing. “As a percentage of all frozen, canned, and perishable food sales, the staple has shrunk by one ninth since 2007, from 3.6 percent to 3.2 percent.” (Welch 25-26) However, Campbell has several other products such as V8 vegetable juice, Prego pasta sauce, and a bevy of Pepperidge Farm snacks that continue to remain important to their sales as a company. Due to the lifestyle changes in our society today, many between the ages of 18-29 eat out at least twice as often as the older generation. Many in that age range tend to want easy to prepare and fresher ingredients to use compared to can or frozen foods. The products that the certain target market purchases would be both expensive and easy to use as many do not care abut the pricing, but instead care about how long it will take them to make the purchased good. Campbell’s answer to this problem is starting up a new product launch called “Go! Soup, a-ready-to- eat” product line that include a number of varieties to choose from. For example, pulled chicken with black beans, and golden lentils with madras curry. To inherit the fresher ingredients aspect and faster preparation time needed for this item, they have placed them into plastic pouches in different colors and labels. The new product will be charged for three times the amount of the price of a regular soup can. They thought of the price bracket in comparison to ConAgra Foods and Amy’s Kitchen that sells their similar products for a price range of $2.30-$2.40. As a result, the success of this new launch wouldn’t be the first of their success with soups at a higher price.

There are more companies trying to improve their green effort in their products. Although our economy is underwhelming, there is never a point where companies or organizations have stopped the sustainability commitments for their green effort. Although the green effort has increased in seven out of ten companies, it does not mean that all companies have put green at the top of their list....
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