Business Administration Personal Statement

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Business Administration Personal Statement

Within every group, whether it be a group of friends, a team of work colleagues or sports team, each person has a role to play. Within my close group of friends, my role has always been the organiser. Trips, holidays, parties, days out…you name it, I’ve organised it.

I took on the unpaid, but much appreciated, role of “group activity co-ordinator” for my friends early on in our relationship, and I have stuck at it ever since. I have organised two holidays for us, including payments, transport and schedules. This is quite a task when it involves a group of eight, ensuring that everyone knows what time we leave, how we are getting there, where we are flying from and so on.

While considering what A-levels to study, I was in the process of organising an end of term prom. As secretary of the school council, I should have left this to the events and fundraising officer, but I couldn’t help but get involved. It was here that I began to draw parallels with my organisational skills and the world of Business Administration.

Looking back at the holidays I organised, I believe the principles of Business Administration were at the very heart of my actions - effective communication, critical thinking, financial management and human resources.

It was as if I had found my calling, and so around this time I began to take a serious interest in the world of business. I was in the privileged position of being able to have access to a fully operation business as my father runs a public relations company. I was able to spend time with the Business Accountant and Administrator, and see first-hand what it takes to do the job.

This led me to my choice of A-levels in Business Studies, Law and Economics, to equip me for a degree in Business Administration.

When I am not organising the lives of my friends or hovering over the Business Accountant and Administrator’s shoulder, I enjoy painting. I find this relaxes me, and while...
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