What I would get rid of to make the 21st century a better place to live PUBLIC TRANSPORT !
Don’t you just think people absolutely love them? Just don’t get me started on buses, taxies and trains. I understand that public transport is for us, but sometimes public transport is not the best way to travel. Buses they are awful! On one December morning as you stand in the freezing cold as it rains and drip drop drip as the rain falls on you, your nose red as a tomato and your finger tips frozen as ice waiting for a bus, and getting late for school, college, university and work as you look at the timetable, “the bus it coming at 8:30 am”, as you look at your watch after 10 minutes its 8:40 am, there is no bus in site, as you look at the bus timetable for two minutes and look around the bus has come and its driving away, which then means you have to run after the bus; finally, your on the bus......
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