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a) what is a business process?
Business process is a set of logically related business activities that combine to deliver something of value (e.g. products, goods, services or information )to a customer. Business process can also be said to be a structured, measured set of activities designed to produce a specific output for a particular customer or market. It implies a strong emphasis on how work is done within an organization, in contrast to a product focus’s emphasis on what. A process is thus a specific ordering of work activities across time and space, with a beginning and an end, and clearly defined inputs and outputs: a structure for action. ... Taking a process approach implies adopting the customer’s point of view. Processes are the structure by which an organization does what is necessary to produce value for its customers. b)with the aid of a diagram, describe business process and functional departments.


A typical high level business process such as ‘develop market’ or ‘sell to customer’ describes the means by which the organisation provides value to its customers, without regard to the individual functional departments that might be involved. E.g. account department. As a result business process represent an alternative and in many ways more powerful way of looking at an organisation and what it does than the traditional departmental or functional view. While in most large organisations business process are structured into divisions and departments that are dedicated to performing specific functions and staffed with personnel who are expect at those functions. A traditional organisational chat generally organises activities according to functional units. However dividing task vertically according to functional divisions is not the best way to optimise the process itself.

c)Discuss the key components of a typical business process model The key components of a typical business process model are:
THE SET OF PROCESSES AND ACTIVITIES THAT TAKES PLACE WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION: These are arranged to hierarchy of details e.g. a top level process which is composed of set of sub processes, each of which is composed of set of activities and so on down to a defined level of detail A TEXT DESCRIPTION OF EACH PROCESS AND ACTIVITES:

This description generally conforms to a template so that the information is presented consistently and completely. It might be extremely detailed and contain information about the activity’s purpose, triggers, timings, duration and resource requirements. DRAWINGS (TYPICALLY SWIMLANE AND WORKFLOW DIAGRAMS):

These illustrate the relationships between activities in the model. At the higher level oof the model (e.g. sub processes) the flows between processes are usually simple, which is reflected in more simple diagrams; at the more detailed levels of the model the flows, and therefore the diagrams are generally more complex.

These are types of information flowing in and out of each activity, including the source or destination of each information flow and the characteristics of the data itself. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS:

These are measurements that are used to determine How Well the process is operating. The diagrams are particularly important tool. They provide a graphical view of the material presented in the text description of the processes, and make it easier to identify the following components: Applications and their associated requirements

Physical environment requirements
Performance support requirements
Technology infrastructure requirements.

d) Discuss the six steps in a business process improvement. The steps in business process improvements are:
SELECTION OF PROCESS AND TEAM LEADERS: Process teams, comprising of two to four employees from various departments that are involved in the particular process, are set up. Each team select s a process team leader, typically the person who is responsible for running the...
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